Individual support

For those who have applied for asylum and have been rejected we can, in some cases, also offer individual guidance. Please contact us if you are interested in this.

What does a counselling process look like with us?

We discuss with you what your plans are for the future. Do you want to live in the Netherlands, in your country of origin, or in another country?

We help you to achieve your goals. We will discuss this with you.

Do you want to stay in the Netherlands? Then we will assess whether you can start a new case in the Netherlands. We always give honest advice.

Do you want to return? Then we can also help you with that. But only if you want this yourself. We will never force you!

Do you want to go to another country? Then we assess at the possibilities with you.

We always help you with gaining access to basic rights.

Do you also think that everyone has the right to a dignified existence and should have the opportunity to work on a perspective for the future? Then become a donor!