• Medical Care
  • Shelter
  • Food and clothing
  • Legal support
  • Education
  • Safe reporting to the police
  • General practioner (GP)

    Are you ill? Do you have any other ailments? Then you can always see a doctor. In the Netherlands, you have to see your GP first.

    If you live in Eindhoven, VidK can make an appointment for you. Call or come to the office.

    If you do not live in Eindhoven, you can make an appointment with a GP yourself.

  • Hospital

    If you are in a life-threatening situation and need medical attention: call 112.

    For all other hospital visits, you will first need a referral from your GP. If you live in Eindhoven, please come to our office first for information.

  • Shelter

    Have you applied for asylum? Then you may be eligible for a place in one of our accommodations.

    VidK has a few houses in Eindhoven. Three or four refugees are living in each house. If you are no longer allowed to sleep in an asylum seekers’ centre (AZC), you can apply for our accommodation. If we can assist you with a new application for a residence permit, you may live in our house for a limited period of time.

    To qualify for shelter, please call our office or send an email to opvangaanvraag@vidk.nl. To determine whether you qualify for shelter, we need to see your entire asylum dossier.

  • Bed, Bath, Bread

    The municipality of Eindhoven does not want anyone living on the street. If you have applied for asylum and have been living in Eindhoven or the surrounding area for a long time, the municipality of Eindhoven will help you find shelter under the Bed, Bath, Bread and Counselling (BBBB) service.

    Do you have a place where you can stay in Eindhoven? If so, you can get an allowance to pay for your living expenses. If you do not have a place to stay in Eindhoven, you can stay in the night-shelter of the municipality of Eindhoven or one of our own accommodations. Please contact us to see whether you meet the preconditions.

  • Food and clothing

    As an undocumented migrant, you are not allowed to work. You need food and clean clothes to live a healthy life.

    We can register you at the food or clothing bank in Eindhoven. Here, you will receive food every week and clothes twice a year.

  • Legal questions

    If you have applied for asylum, you can contact us for all your legal questions.

    If you have not applied for asylum, you can contact the Alien Information Desk (Vreemdelingen Informatie Punt) with your questions about a residence permit. Click here for more information. You can contact us for other legal questions.

    We think it is important that you can travel to your lawyer and the court, so if you live in Eindhoven, we can reimburse your travel costs.

    If necessary and feasible, we can assist you in finding a lawyer.

  • Pregnant and children

    Are you pregnant or is your partner expecting a child? We can help you with access to care and with obtaining temporary legal residence in the Netherlands just before and after delivery (this is called postponement of departure on medical grounds).

    Did you give birth in the Netherlands? Then the parents, both the father and the mother, have the right to officially recognise the child. If you do not have a passport, this can be challenging. We can help you with that.

    We can also provide support in obtaining parental authority over the child. Authority means that parents are permitted to make decisions for the child and are responsible for the upbringing and care of the child.

  • Children

    We can assist you in reporting it to the police. We will make an appointment for you, and we can accompany you to the appointment if you wish. It really is safe.

    We can assist parents in registering their children at a primary or secondary school.

  • Adults

    Even if you are over 18 years old, it is important and good to be able to develop. It is possible to follow a training course in some cases. We will look for a suitable place for you to study based on your previous education, language knowledge and interests.

    Clients who receive counselling from VidK can follow Dutch lessons with us. The teachers will teach you to speak, read and write Dutch.

  • Safe reporting to the police

    If you are the victim of a (serious) crime, you can report it to the police, without the risk of being arrested by the immigration police.

    We can assist you in reporting it to the police. We will make an appointment for you, and we can accompany you to the appointment if you wish. It really is safe.